2017: The year of least resistance

We spent New Years weekend snowshoeing in Colorado’s Never Summer mountain range, and as I trudged through the snow I couldn’t help but feel like this adventure was a metaphor for 2016.

As I tightened the straps on my snowshoes in the parking lot, I was excited about trying something new. But once we hit the trail things quickly changed. Snowshoeing is hard — harder than I expected. My backpack was heavy and uncomfortable. Snowshoes are clunky. There was a huge learning curve. As I willed myself uphill at 9,400 feet (possibly the toughest mile I’ve ever hiked), my boots started rubbing against my feet and the chilly air caused my cold, which I’ve now been fighting for over three weeks, to flare up again. In other words, reality set in.

I eventually made it to the yurt where we spent the next two nights taking in the incredible views of snowy peaks and night skies, soaking up the sun, eating, drinking and playing games with new and old friends.

The hike out was easier. I made it back to the car in one piece with a few tight muscles, three blisters, a handful of photographs and another incredible story to tell.


















Like snowshoeing, our yearlong travel adventure was much harder than expected. We ran into new struggles around every corner from a leaky camper to lost loved ones. Some of my biggest struggles on the road include: working out, cooking, finding campgrounds, finding freelance work, making money, tracking money, relaxing and deciding where to go next.

In the end, I have no regrets about 2016, or snowshoeing, but I am looking forward to a new year and a fresh start.


This year, I’m going to be easier on myself, enjoy life more, worry less, tell the people I love how much I appreciate them and soak up the sunshine (both the literal and metaphorical sunshine).

Last year my resolution was to be better, to push myself a little harder than the year before. I lost 25 pounds, learned to ski, learned to cook healthier food, paid off my student loans, decluttered, moved into a camper and traveled like crazy. I’d call that a success. This year my goal is to find the path of least resistance. This isn’t meant to be lazy or to avoid challenges, lessons or personal growth, but sometimes I make things harder than they need to be. Last year, I said several times that I needed to earn our year of travel. But why? Were the years we spent budgeting, paying off debt, saving, planning, being responsible and working hard not enough?

I was blessed with the opportunity to live out another dream of mine, but for some reason, I felt guilty and found doubt in the struggles instead of embracing the journey.

Not this year. In 2017, I have been given a second chance. A second chance to travel. A second chance to soak up every minute and I’m all in.

What is your New Year’s resolution? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you.




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