Month: March 2017

What do you want to know?

We are enjoying a lot of wine, pasta, pastries and beautiful churches in Italy as this portion of our trip winds down.

Florence is one of our favorite cities and we’re soaking up every second here. We’ll be heading to Naples and then the Amalfi Coast before coming home and trying to readjust to some sort of new normal. We still have no idea what that looks like.

I’ve been talking to you guys about my experiences for about 11 months now, but I want to know, what do you want to know. What are you curious about? What haven’t we shared? What questions are going unanswered?

Leave comments below with your questions or curiosities about our year on the road and we’ll answer them as we wrap up our trip. We try to be candid about our experiences so don’t be shy. Ask away. 

And feel free to plop any suggestions for the Amalfi Coast below as well.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your questions.

Life doesn’t take vacations

Life doesn’t stop for travel.

Despite my best efforts, reality has overtaken much of our travel year, which I envisioned as a carefree bubble — a vacation from life and its challenges.

After only a few hours on the road the bubble burst. Sickness, bad weather, mechanical issues, laundry, cleaning, the death of a loved one, finances and jobs were just a few of the realities that continued poking holes in my bubble.

Even now, as we come to the end of our “carefree” year, life creeps in. Dental issues apparently don’t take vacations. Neither do stress, responsibilities or bills.

This is not a complaint, mainly an observation and a life lesson I wanted to share and one I’m hoping will drive what remains of this travel adventure.

Today we booked a flight to what will likely be our final destination before home, Italy. We celebrated our belated honeymoon in Italy about 5 years ago but this is going to look very different. I’m swapping the itinerary from my inaugural trip, which was jam-packed with sites and bucket list items, for one that prioritizes wine, coffee and pastries with a view.

This is my chance to learn from my mistakes, take advantage of this amazing opportunity and make some lifelong memories with the man I love. Salute!

Have you been to the Amalfi Coast? Share your tips (and recommended wines) in the comments below.