Month: May 2017

Our next adventure is underway

It’s been more than two months since we last posted and you’ve been patiently awaiting our next news… NOT.

For months we’ve been bombarded with questions that we didn’t  know the answers to: Where are you going next? What’s the plan? Are you going back to work? Are you going back to Colorado? Will you live in the camper?

We still don’t have all the answers — and likely never will — but we have developed a temporary plan that we’re ready to share.

But first, thanks to all of you who followed along with our yearlong journey. We had hundreds of readers on the blog every week, nearly a thousand people watching our Instagram feed and a couple hundred Facebook followers. We appreciate all the questions and feedback and we hope you enjoyed our year as much as we did.

So, what’s next? We’ve been asking ourselves that since we made it back to the states over Easter weekend. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

We rented an apartment for six months in Norman, Oklahoma, where we will be exploring Oklahoma and hanging out with family between road trips through at least October.

I launched a new social media management company and signed my first client in April. I’m still writing frequently with articles appearing in RVWest and the Daily Camera and hopefully some new publications soon. I have plans to rebrand my photography company as well, but social media and journalism are keeping me busy at the moment so photos are on the back burner.

James is doing some land consulting from Oklahoma including some acquisition and divestiture opportunities. He is hoping to stay busy as a consultant and avoid going back to an 8-to-5.

And though we’re not traveling full time right now, we are adventuring every chance we get. In the last few weeks we’ve already made two trips to Beaver’s Bend State Park, been to Austin for a concert, made a couple quick jaunts to Tulsa, popped by the OKC Arts Festival, attended Norman’s Second Friday Art Walk and visited Rockwall, Texas, for a wedding where we spent a little too much time in the photo booth.

After two weeks in our apartment I am still reveling in long, hot showers, a comfortable bed and having most of my stuff under one roof. But I miss traveling everyday. Staying busy helps. So does spending time with family and being around for things like Mother’s Day and 8th grade graduation. But I miss it.

I crossed dozens of places off my bucket list this past year but I added three times as many. Traveling, I discovered, is an addiction. Once you start you can never quit. And I will continue to embrace the urge.

I’ll be blogging regularly again so check back every week for updates on what we’re up to, where we’re going and what it’s like settling back down after a year on the road. Next month I’ll catch you up on our last few weeks of travel, including more from Asia and some yummy photos from our European excursions, like this one from Positano.

Lastly, we are taking some time in June to answer your questions about our adventures, so leave a comment below. What do you want to know?