Hello from the Bryens.

Hi. We’re James and Whitney Bryen. We are Oklahoma natives in our early 30s and have been married for more than nine years. We love the outdoors, traveling (obviously), local libations and each other.

10897091_10101364585621711_2172314329497734301_nOne year. One camper. One unforgettable adventure.

In 2015, life was right where it was supposed to be. We had great jobs, a beautiful house in Colorado and amazing friends. So, naturally, we gave up everything to live in a tiny home on wheels.

After a year of planning and saving, on May 23 we hit the road with enough money to travel full-time for 365 days in our 1968 Silver Streak camper (affectionately referred to as the tin can). We quickly discovered that wasn’t the right camper for our adventure and traded in our vintage gem for some modern comfort

While we’re making memories this year, we’re also looking for ways to work remotely and extend our trip beyond 365 days and maintain the wandering lifestyle as long as we can.

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The Traveling Sidekick is an unabashed, his-and-hers account of life on the road.

Visit the “his” page to see what James has to say and click on “hers” to get Whitney’s perspective as we combine our logical tendencies with an adventurous way of life. We call it our perspective “carefree with a compass.”

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