This past weekend we spent some time in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Although I could mention the great towns of Asheville and Boone, how well the trails were taken care of in the mountains, the amazing waterfalls and the delicious brews and wines of the area, what I came away with most was the word blessed.

We were blessed to do two of our favorite things, listen to peoples stories and explore. Multiple times we met people and we listened to their stories and we shared ours – how we made a decision to do this trip, saved like crazy and eventually set out. But over and over the word blessed kept coming out as I shared.

Most people assume we must be rich or trust fund kids to be able to take a year off in our 30s and travel. The truth is we are just blessed.  We don’t have unlimited funds. Instead we were blessed with the discipline to save and blessed with the support of one another to accomplish our goals. We were blessed with the support of parents and siblings and friends.  We were blessed with having a like dream and being in a position to chase it.

Once we arrived back to Conway, we received a call that brought our trip to a temporary detour. Tragedy struck and it was important for us to be back with family. And in the face of grief I still kept pondering this word that so strangely got stuck in my head over the weekend. Blessed. Had we not given our notice at work nearly 3 months ago now and had we not been blessed with the discipline to save and strive to reach our goals and had we not been blessed with the support of each other to make this dream a reality, I would not be blessed to be back home as I am now. I would have been off work for three maybe four days and would have to catch a plane back to Denver to get back to an office. But because of the blessing of timing I am able to be here for an extended time.

I am blessed to be able to be comforted and hopefully to comfort. I am blessed to have support in the trying times that lie ahead. You can’t prepare for the unexpected and if I could take away the pain there would be no hesitation, but through it all I’m lucky that we are blessed.




  • Love the picture. Yes you and James are very blessed. We are very blessed to have you in our family. Love you guys.

  • James you are blessed with an amazing family and Whitney with an amazing family that she married into. God bless you and your family during this trying time. We love you all so much.

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