Detour to Ireland on our way home

One of my favorite things about traveling for a year is that we could make decisions about where to go and what to do on a whim, like that time we found $40 flights to Ireland.

Our trip was winding down in Italy and James had dropped a few not-so-subtle hints about wanting to go back to Ireland. It’s hard to turn down Ireland, especially when the flights were so cheap. So off we went.

We spent the final 10 days of our trip hiking in the rain, drinking in pubs, wandering the streets of Cork and partaking in a food festival in Kinsale.

The grass is quite literally greener in Ireland. And the people are incredibly friendly. I could use a little more sunshine, but I have very few complaints about this beautiful country.

This was our first trip to Northern Ireland and it was stunning. If you know me at all you probably know I have a bit of a love affair with trees. They fascinate me and I could take photos of them all day. OK, I didn’t spend all day photographing the Dark Hedges (which apparently were used in some important “Game of Thrones” scenes), but they really are spectacular.

Despite some mean, cold rain, the Giant’s Causeway also in Northern Ireland was awesome — awesome in that awe-inspired, unbelievable nature kind of way.

The hexagon stones really do look like they were placed there by some giant being and stomped into place. And the waves. I’ve never seen waves that large before.

Also new to us was County Cork. We didn’t make it to Cork during our first trip but we spent a couple of days wandering the streets and exploring nearby recommendations like Kinsale, which turned out to be one of our favorite places. It’s an adorable town on the river where festivals cover the streets most weekends and we were lucky enough to stumble across a local food festival that included fresh mussels and fish and chips. I don’t even have photos of Kinsale because I was too busy taking it in to pull out my camera. That ought to tell you something.

Instead, here are some of my favorites from Cork starting with another case of which is side is better, the front or the back.

We stopped off in Glendalough National Park just south of Dublin for some hiking where we found the coolest monastery and some incredible views.

We ended our trip in Dublin where we revisited a few favorite spots and explored some new ones, like the Christ Church Cathedral where I spent hours, literally hours, memorized by the floors.

And then, we came back to Oklahoma and if you’ve been keeping up with us, you know the rest. If not check out my blog on what we’re up to here.

That’s it. I’m all caught up on the places we traveled, so now what? Well, coming home has been an adjustment to say the least and we’re still taking road trips every chance we get so keep checking back for weekly blogs on adjusting to the non-travel life, ramping up our businesses and the road trips that are keeping me sane.

Next week, I’ll tackle those questions you’ve been asking about our trip. So, last chance: What do you want to know about our year on the road?

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