Happy coincidence in Chiang mai

Thailand has gone nothing like we thought it would, yet exactly how we should have expected – completely different than we imagined it would be. That seems to be the never ending, repeating theme of our year so far.

Our first 7 days in Koh Samui we weren’t able to do as much exploring as we would have liked due to poor weather, however, between dodging rain storms we were still able to visit several markets, enjoy the beach for an afternoon and explore a few of the temples the island had to offer.


Afterwards we made our way further north to Koh Phangan. This was exactly what we were wanting when we decided to visit Thailand and go to the islands – pristine beaches, clear blue water and most importantly sunshine. We had plans to hike, kayak, snorkel and possibly even scuba dive…then Whitney got sick and plans got thwarted again. Although once again didn’t get to follow through with plans as anticipated, the trip was not a bust by any means as Whit spent several days laying on the beach and I enjoyed some time swimming, reading and laying around as well.


On the most recent portion of our trip we headed further north inland to Chiang Mai. This city has come highly recommended by multiple people. Coincidentally our first weekend here couldn’t have been at a better time as we arrived to discover their annual Flower Festival was kicking off. As Chiang Mai is called the Rose of the North, they hold a flower festival every year. This one appeared to be more special as Thailand is currently in a state of mourning for their recently deceased King and the floats were almost entirely dedicated to his memory. We had grand plans to take a cooking class, go hiking, visit an Elephant Sanctuary and that was just for starters. Then wouldn’t you know it, I got sick the morning we were on our way to the cooking class. Whitney was able to continue as I caught an Uber back to our apartment. Her pictures and description of the class made me jealous not to have gone, but I was out of commission for the next two and a half days.


Finally, we are both feeling well and ready to enjoy our remaining 8 days in Thailand. We have scheduled the day at the Elephant Sanctuary and are hoping to hire a driver for a day to explore Chiang Rai and the surrounding area before we head to Bangkok for our last few days.

Even though things haven’t gone as anticipated, Thailand has still been quite the adventure.



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  • Glad to hear you’re both feeling well now and able to enjoy all that Thailand has to offer! Enjoy the elephant sanctuary!

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