I’m taking my year back.

After three weeks at home, my mind is already reverting back to its comfort zone. Sweating the small stuff is my specialty and even without a full-time job and traditional responsibilities I managed to find plenty to stress about.

All of the sudden, updates to the camper that we planned to tackle after our stint in South Carolina have an immediate deadline. Simple tasks that were much more difficult in the tin can feel overwhelming in a spacious house with modern amenities.

What the heck is going on?

I stepped back into my comfort zone for a second and lost sight of what this year is all about. This year is about wonder, joy, discovery, adventure and so many other things, but not stress.

Today I take back my year.

IMG_3873We have decided to make Oklahoma base camp for the next month or so to be with family and work on the camper. There is so much in this great state to explore and, lucky me, I have time to do it. Adventures can be found anywhere, including Oklahoma.

In an attempt to get myself back on track, I’m starting a summer bucket list.

Summer bucket list

  • Boys camping trip in the tin can (hosted by aunt Whitney/the world’s best big sis)
  • Stratford Peach Festival
  • Hiking, but where?
  • Visit the OKC Boathouse District
  • Anthem Brewing Company tasting

Have suggestions to add to my list? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.




  • Add ziplining in Davis to your bucket list! It is near the Arbuckle Mountains where you can hike too!! I’m jealous and admire you and James for taking this big adventure and leap!! Happy travels!!

  • Robers Cave, Beavers Bend, White Fork river, Black Mesa, Ponca City/Bartlesville, Blue Dome District in Tulsa, Turkey Mountain in Tulsa.

  • To add to the summer bucket list (if you’d like, of course):
    Roast some hot dogs, eat a s’more, dance to some music, take a yoga class, sip a cocktail, write a letter and send it the old-school way (via the post office), watch the sun set, go for a swim, swing on a swing, walk barefoot in some dew kissed grass, pick a peach/an apple/a carrot from a tree or a garden…
    All in all, enjoy OK and for the next month or so 🙂

    Love you two!

    • Roast some hot dogs, eat a s’more – on the list

      Dance to some music – maybe I can con james into some dancing.

      Take a yoga class – already found a local class that’s free.

      Sip a cocktail – I’m gonna need one!

      Write a letter and send it the old-school way (via the post office) – sent my mama a handwritten post card. Does that count?

      Watch the sun set – check

      Go for a swim – at least a dozen trips to the pool already with a bunch of silly boys.

      Swing on a swing – I might get motion sick.

      Walk barefoot in some dew kissed grass – played kickball barefoot in the grass.

      Pick a peach/an apple/a carrot from a tree or a garden – Peach festival scheduled for Saturday.

      Great suggestions! I’d add hang with amazing friends in Scotland though. Love you guys and can’t wait to see you!

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