Our vintage camper journey comes to an end

In October, we told you about our new camper and why we had to let go of the Tin Can, despite my completely irrational love for that aluminum headache.

This week we said goodbye to the Silver Streak forever. Stefan and Wendy from New York are giving her a new home and new life, which is what we hoped would happen to the camper when we sold it.

In honor of the Tin Can, here is a look back at our 6 months together, courtesy a piece I wrote for Rvwest.com.

Beaming with pride, I smiled and gestured to the couple waving at us as they drove by on Highway 288 outside of Richmond, Virginia.

Obviously, they were admiring the vintage camper my husband and I had been toting across the United States for the past two weeks.

It wasn’t until a second car approached honking and filled with flailing passengers that I glanced in the side mirror to see smoke billowing from our aluminum beauty.

Read the rest here.

And stay tuned for a big announcement on our next adventure. We’ve had a slight change in plans…



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