Right at home

We have spent the last two weeks in Golden, CO while I have been helping a friend on a small project.


It has been nice to “get my hands dirty” so to speak and get back to some of the basics of being a landman in the oil and gas industry. Often you can begin to fill like a glorified paper pusher. But getting back to running title and leasing has been refreshing.

More importantly, it has been nice to be back in Golden. Besides Buena Vista, this is the first town that we fell in love with and that felt like home, besides home.

This is the town where we originally went from being two to being one. When you leave your family and friends and move to a new place far away you have no choice but to learn to lean and rely on one another.


This is the town where we know our favorite pizza place, local pub and the owners of the candy shop on main street. This is the town that has a Santa parade every weekend in December and goes all out for Christmas. This is the town that puts us close to the friends we have made, the ski resorts and the bustling downtown.

Traveling has been the experience of a lifetime and one I wouldn’t trade for anything. The ups and downs. The way it can challenge you to grow and expand your worldview. The way it can reinforce things you believe or create new insights you never had.

But this is the town that is comfortable. And there is something very comforting in the comfortable.




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