The best things about traveling full time

This one doesn’t require much introduction.

These are the best things (so far) about traveling full time:

  • Second chances

I make a lot of mistakes and now that I have the time to dwell on them, they’ve become even more evident. The good news is that traveling gives me the flexibility to try again. Each day offers a fresh start — the kind that can only be found in the complete freedom of being on the road. It doesn’t matter if I was in a bad mood yesterday. Today is a new day. Our location, weather, activities, plans are constantly changing allowing me the freedom to start over anytime I please and try again. Today was better than yesterday and I have high hopes for tomorrow.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Moses for this gem.
Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Moses for this gem.
  • I still like my husband

I was nervous about living in such a tiny space with another human. It had nothing to do with James. I just need space. I always have and I always will, but how would I find that in less than 200 square feet? I didn’t. I found it outside. Most days, I’m setting aside a little time for me, lately in the form of an afternoon jog. A daily dose of sunshine and endorphins seems to be the solution. Turns out I still like my husband, maybe even a little more than before.

  • It’s the ultimate conversation starter

Apparently, not many 30-year-olds quit their jobs to travel for a year and see what happens. It’s a conversation starter that’s allowing us to meet the most interesting people. We’ve made friends with a North Carolina couple while attempting to open a wine bottle with a shoe (Youtube it people). We’ve been invited to work on a farm in Australia by a national park ranger, and we’ll probably go. We became fast friends with several Yellowstone employees, including an African safari guide from Kansas. At a brewery in Belgium, we carried on hours-long conversation with 10 fascinating individuals from 7 countries. This is why we travel.

  • Priorities change

I’m watching less television, buying fewer things and focusing my energy in new places. There are fewer distractions, which can be scary some days but is usually a good thing. Right now, I’m focused on eating better and getting back into a workout routine. It’s amazing how easy it is to prioritize without typical distractions that come with a 9 to 5.

Photo by James.
  • No schedule

I feel like I’m cheating father time right now. Not having a schedule is a scary thought for me, but turns out it’s awesome. I can do what I want, when I want. Lately, I’ve been filling up most of my time cooking, taking photographs, pitching travel stories, running, supporting local businesses, reading and dreaming about our next destinations. These are things I loved to do before we started traveling, but now I can do them whenever I feel inspired instead of during the few brief windows of time I could spare here and there. My photos are improving, travel pitches are more fun, food tastes better and books are more interesting.

What would you do with unlimited spare time? Comment below. It’s so fun hearing from you all.



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