The compass of this operation.

Hi. I’m James. The “compass” of this operation.

IMG_2405While Whit can be seen jumping right off the cliff you will find me next to her with my fancy Excel spreadsheet making plans so that when I jump off after her we both land smoothly.  Side note: if it can’t be planned, proven or perfected on Excel it simply can’t be done.

 Although I love adventure, travel and pretty much anything that gets me outdoors,  I usually approach things from a logical standpoint and if I had to guess that is what you will get from my portion of this blog – the planning and budgeting and everything else in between to make this dream a reality.

 But really, your guess is as good as mine as we are embarking on an adventure that we have never attempted before and stepping into the unknown. Maybe my logical side will go right out the window and I will join Whit in her “Who gives a damn, let’s just do it!” attitude. It sure would be a lot easier. IMG_2579

Stay tuned to hear about our grand voyage and follow us from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between. Come along on this ride for our stops in Europe, Canada and who knows where else.

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