The Good Life

The good life isn’t always the easy life.

After deciding to take off for a year and embarking on our journey, things have been fantastic. We have visited 17 states and 6 countries. We have had great food, enjoyed amazing music, hung out with the locals and ventured into some of the best sceneries mother nature has to offer.

But lest you sit there thinking to yourself how easy we have it just know the good life isn’t always the easy life. Things don’t always go as expected. You are sometimes thrown curve balls and you have to learn to be far more flexible than an 8-5 weekend get away would have you be.

For instance, our first volunteer position was delayed due to our axle catching on fire the day before we were due to arrive. We were stuck in a no-where town for two days in a hotel we were not expecting to pay for, and a repair that cut into an already tight budget. But nonetheless, we arrived in South Carolina and gave our all with some slight adjustments.

Another fine example would be our month in Yellowstone. We arrived expecting to find water hookups and a solar generator. What we found was slightly different. We had a solar trickle charger for a dead battery and a gravity-fed water spigot 50 feet from our door. This meant carrying pots of water and making a three-hour drive to Bozeman, MT for a new battery.

It turned out to be one of my favorite weekends and made for a chance to not only visit a town I have long wanted to explore, but also discover a new gem in Red Lodge, MT.

Our fridge and heater decided to stop working in 30-degree weather and our water pump decided to start leaking, but then I walk out of my camper at 9:30 at night and the little dipper is greeting me brighter than the sun on a cloudy day and the Milky Way is glimmering magnificently. We hike Mystic Falls and the landscape that unfolds is a river within a golden field within a green backdrop, almost appearing as a river within a river, and everything is worth every penny pinching, camper mishappening, plan changing that brought us here.

No, the good life is not always the easy life, but then again I’m spending a month in Yellowstone and can’t imagine it could be any better any other way.



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