The Scotland Four

We recently took a detour from our USA road trip to visit our brothers and sisters across the pond. We flew the night flight to Iceland and then on to France. Once in the mainland we spent about nine days touring France, Luxemburg, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. Although I want to tell you about the other nine days of our trip in Scotland, let me say that if you love canal cities, old architecture and great conversation in the local pubs Bruges, Belgium is a must visit and ranks at the top of my list.

After a couple days in Amsterdam we caught a flight to Scotland where we met some dear friends of ours from Denver to do a four-day hike in the Highlands and spend a few days roaming Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We made our way to Tendrum where we stayed in a hostel, which was a first for me. Tendrum was a neat little town with a few hotels, a couple places to eat, and a great starting point for our next four days and 44ish miles.

We were about to embark on a four-day hike in which a company would transport our bags from one hotel/hostel to the next and we simply had to pack a sack lunch, rain gear and bug spray (which we didn’t) and take off to our next location. We hiked seven miles, 12 miles, nine miles and 16 miles. A big portion of this trek was in the rain, but honestly the view and the company made it all worth the weather and the attacking midges (a hybrid fly-flea-mosquito-demon dragon sort of thing). However, at the end of each rainy day, we had a bed, food and drink waiting to greet us.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

One of the highlights of the four days was the Bridge of Orchy. This day also happened to be Jared’s and my birthday. This was one of the nicest places to stay and we enjoyed some good food (haggis), good drinks and the girls surprised us with a cake, which the waiter delivered as he sang to us. The four of us quickly devoured the majority of the cake. Okay in all honesty, the girls had a couple bites and we ate the rest.

picmonkey-collageThe hiking was great and we saw some fantastic sites, including a summit with views of the Glencoe mountains, the rain forest just before Fort William and the old military road, which a portion of our hike was devoted to. There were several streams, lakes, mountain peaks, sheep and old, abandoned farms.

wp_20160906_10_29_57_proAlthough I would not necessarily say this hike was for a beginner, I would also say you do not need to be an expert. This is a trip that I would highly recommend and a great way to ease into a multiday hiking trip. Just be sure to take your rain gear and your midge spray.



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