The Teton Redemption

Yellowstone, like all of our adventures so far, is off to a rough start.

We’ve been posted at the Lewis Lake Campground in south Yellowstone for nearly two weeks with no running water, no electricity and a poor septic hookup. And to top it off our heater, fridge, water pump and battery died within the first week.

Despite our best efforts to be comfortable, things are far from perfect.

Mornings are the worst. The camper gets so cold overnight — we can’t leave the portable heater on while we sleep — that everything inside the camper is covered in condensation. The lighters that we need to boil water for coffee don’t work because they’re drenched. The ceiling leaks on the bed. Water runs down the glass of the windows and mirrors soaking everything they touch. And I’m not a morning person, which just adds to the challenge.

It was miserable… but then I discovered the Grand Tetons.

tetons394hdrThe fall colors are at their peak. The jagged mountains dominate the landscape. The water is clear and deep blue. Grand Teton National Park exceeded my expectations.

And the stars… you’ve never seen so many stars. The Milky Way is vivid and spectacular. Shooting stars are impossible to miss. The big dipper is brighter than before.

One look at that Teton perfection and the camper feels a little warmer; inconveniences are less of a hassle; and frustrations fade. I’m reminded what this year is about. I found redemption.






Grand Teton is officially my favorite national park, so far. What’s yours and why? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys. And thanks for reading.




  • Great post – those images are astonishing! I can’t wait to get my signed copy of that barn with the looming storm clouds for Christmas…

    The Tetons were my favorite, until we went to Zion. The hike at to Angel’s Landing was amazing and that vantage point was so cool. I want to spend some more time in the Tetons though soon.

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