The tin can

For the next year (or until James gets tired of fixing leaks), we will be calling our tin can home.

She is a 23-foot, 1968 Silver Streak. She remains unnamed at the moment but we’re taking suggestions.

feature test pic

For a 48-year-old camper, she wasn’t in bad shape. The previous owners had given her a lot of love but she wasn’t set up for full-timers.

Twin beds aren’t exactly what we had in mind.


And the Hawaiian-shirt curtain ruffles, sticky cushion covers and pink accessories didn’t make it feel much like home.

Not to mention the green paint. It was everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The ceiling, the walls, the trim, the black water tank, the door, the tile…. Everything was green. So we went to work.

First things first, storage.

We needed a closet and food pantry to get us through several weeks at a time. Since we didn’t need both beds we asked a family friend, who also happens to build custom cabinets, to work some magic.


Viola! We still can’t believe how much storage we gained. A huge thanks to Terry for our beautiful cabinets. This addition has been a life saver.

ClosetB-AAcross the “hall,” the remaining twin bed was transformed into a couch that morphs into a bed big enough for two.


On to paint.

We went with white hoping to brighten up our tiny home, which is approximately 140 square feet. And it was a huge success.BedB-ARemnants of green remain sprinkled throughout the camper, like on the kitchen backsplash, adding a little color to the space.


Next up, flooring.

We landed on vinyl panels with a warm, wood finish. It’s flexible for when we’re hauling the camper and durable enough to handle the mud, dirt, water and whatever else we track in.


Finally, fabric.

The cushions were made from a textured nylon that was uncomfortable to sit on. And the curtains were dingy and dated.

We picked out a thick cotton fabric for the cushions and another for the curtains, which aunt Vickie turned into slip covers and new curtains.DinetteB-AAdd a few pillows and a lantern or two and it’s starting to feel like ours.






I’m sure we will find new projects as we would with any home but we are thrilled with how our renovation has turned out so far. And we could not have done it without the help of several family members who took pity on us and pitched in. Thanks so much!

Have you been working on a vintage camper renovation of your own? Or maybe you have the perfect name for our tin can? If so, drop us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.




    • Hi Deidra. We have two thin panel boards that overlap slightly when pulled out and the one that extends over the “couch” is braced with brackets and 1*4 boards. The mattress is fairly thick and supports most of the weight. Thanks for reaching out and feel free to ask any other questions. If you would like pics of the bed itself with what I’m speaking about I am happy to send those along.

  • Looks nice and cozy! You guys have done a great job. I don’t know, I kind of liked the green paint though! 😉

  • I love the renovation….very clever. I think you have already named it….the tin can and I think that’s very appropriate. God speed and keep y’all safe. Love aunt Brenda.

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