Time to bite the Bullet

Several months of trial and error with a nearly 50-year-old aluminum camper have led to this moment… a new camper.

It was not an easy decision, even after the challenges we faced in Yellowstone, but we decided that it was time to let go of the idea we had in our heads about the Tin Can and embrace the conveniences of a newer model. So, we bit the bullet and bought a Bullet.


The 2013 Bullet is a youngster and has almost 25 feet of interior living space (compared to 19 in the Tin Can) plus an electric slide out that provides more floor space while we’re parked. The size of the Tin Can was never really an issue for us, but we’re super excited about some of the amenities a slightly larger space affords us… like a bedroom.


Having a dedicated bed, not a couch that has to be transformed into a bed every night and put back every morning, was a top priority for our new home.

The bathroom is similar in size but includes a ton of storage and best of all, it has a door.


And check out my new kitchen!


The Tin Can had zero counter space, which just wasn’t cutting it. Extra cabinets have also allowed me to pull a few more items out of storage like my bread pan and pizza cutter. I can’t wait to hit the road and break it in.

Oh, and don’t worry, we made sure there was an easily-accessible fire extinguisher in the camper, just in case.


The Bullet will make so many things easier (like not freezing to death because now we have a working heater!) but I sure am going to miss the Tin Can. Like everything else about this trip so far, owning a house on wheels has provided endless rewards and challenges and I can’t wait to learn the nuances of our new home.

As we get the last of our things moved in, the Bullet is already starting feel like ours.


What personal items make your house feel like a home? Let me know in the comments below.




  • Amazing how roomy the inside pictures look vs. outside!

    I’d have one familiar picture on the wall, assuming it wouldn’t bounce around too much on the road.

  • Over the course of a lifetime we accumulate so many things to add to our home — gifts from family and friends, souvenirs purchased on travels to many lands, craft projects we’ve created, family heirlooms that have been passed on through the generations, pictures of family, artwork we’ve admired and purchased, quaint home decor items, etc. Then there comes a time in life where we realize we have so many things, it’s hard to pinpoint just a few personal items that make our house feel like a home. In my case, there are a few favourites such as family photos, the model ship built by my husband, the quilts I’ve stitched, the model ship in a glass bottle that my dad was given when serving in WWII, and the bird feeder outside our living room window which brings the chickadees and their friends to our view every day. But more important than the things we’ve collected, what really makes our house feel like home is the love we feel here. This is our sanctuary from the world and we feel peace, serenity, and comfort here. It is where we always want to return after our travels. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home! This little poem is on our fridge:
    Home is where the heart is, the soul’s bright guiding star.
    Home is where real love is, Where our own dear ones are.
    Home means someone waiting to give a welcome smile.
    Home means peace and joy and rest and everything worthwhile.

    I hope your new Bullet will be a place filled with love, peace, joy, and rest as you continue your adventures in more comfort!!

    • That’s a lovely poem Marjorie! I may need to find a place for that in our new home. Thanks for the thoughtful words as always!

  • A place to plop my behind down and enjoy a nice cold beverage. Couple that with a few visitors to chat with and I think I would feel comfortably at home.

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