Tips for planning the perfect staycation

As much as I love being out of my comfort zone, I needed a little dose of familiar.

In the spirit of taking back my year, I treated myself to a staycation at my alma mater (Boomer Sooner!) on Monday and was reminded how comforting my comfort zone can be.

IMG_4182 (1)The University of Oklahoma has always felt like home to me. From my first day on campus, I felt like I belonged there. And I still do. I wandered between the beautiful historic buildings in awe of the architecture, sat in my old spot on the leather couch in the lobby of the J-school, tried a Jesus donut at a new-to-me sweet shop on Campus Corner and shopped at my old haunts for crimson and cream.  And I did it alone. It was the most relaxing, enjoyable day I’ve had in weeks.

Love the perfect rows of landscaping in front of this beautiful structure.
IMG_4184 (1)
Bizzell Library always impresses inside and out.
IMG_4188 (1)
My favorite shop now sells housewares! Adorable housewares!
IMG_4189 (1)
If something had to put Free Birds out of business I’m glad it was Hurts Donuts. The Jesus donut was insane!

Not everyone can quite their jobs and travel the country for a year. I get it. But you can have an adventure close to home. So get moving with these travel tips for a successful staycation.

Try something new at an old haunt. 

Don’t shy away from comfort. Hit up a nearby town that you already love, but take a chance on a new coffee shop or ice cream parlor. Or go to a favorite restaurant, but order something you’ve never tried before. You can enjoy the calm of a place you love while still experiencing a little adventure.

Travel light. 

Try going alone. Traveling solo can be scary, but you can do anything you want. The possibilities are endless. Take your time without worrying about what others want to do or rushing so they aren’t waiting on you. Trust me on this one.

Treat it like a vacation. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 minutes from home, this is still a vacation. Treat it like one. Splurge on a souvenir. Send a postcard. Take pictures. Grab a hotel. Embrace the idea of vacation and the relaxation will follow.

Stop putting it off.

The longer you wait, the more excuses you’ll come up with not to go. Even if it’s just a few hours of quiet time at a local bookshop, stop talking yourself out of it and go already.

What’s your favorite staycation memory? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you.




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