Dream, believe, do, repeat.

Hi. I’m Whitney. I bring the carefree to this adventure.

I’m the one who leaps right off the cliff with my arms spread wide, no hesitation. Thank goodness James keeps me grounded.

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A little about me.  

I’m a feisty, stubborn, passionate woman with high expectations of myself and others.

I’m a freelance journalist for hire with an emphasis in travel writing. Visit my Muckrack profile for some clips. I’m also a photographer and social media guru with a bachelor of Arts in online journalism from the University of Oklahoma — BOOMER!

I love craft beer, scenic hikes, all things vintage, art, travel, my family, books and reading (yes, those are different).

I recently bought a shirt that reads “dream, believe, do, repeat.” This is how I live my life.

What am I’m hoping to get out of our year of travel?  IMG_1956

More travel.

My goal for the year is to find a way to make this lifestyle permanent.

Priorities while traveling this year include, stepping out of my comfort zone and simplifying.

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