What do you want to know?

We are enjoying a lot of wine, pasta, pastries and beautiful churches in Italy as this portion of our trip winds down.

Florence is one of our favorite cities and we’re soaking up every second here. We’ll be heading to Naples and then the Amalfi Coast before coming home and trying to readjust to some sort of new normal. We still have no idea what that looks like.

I’ve been talking to you guys about my experiences for about 11 months now, but I want to know, what do you want to know. What are you curious about? What haven’t we shared? What questions are going unanswered?

Leave comments below with your questions or curiosities about our year on the road and we’ll answer them as we wrap up our trip. We try to be candid about our experiences so don’t be shy. Ask away. 

And feel free to plop any suggestions for the Amalfi Coast below as well.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your questions.




  • knowing that you don’t regret this past year, too many great experiences and wonders along the route, you must have grown with an new awareness about ourselves. What did you learn about dealing with some of your more stressful moments that had to be things you did not expect to have to deal with on this journey? Can’t begin to tell you what a great priviledge it has been to trapse along with you through your photography and your blog!!! thanks to you both.

  • Of all the places you’ve seen and the things you’ve done in the past year what has been your favourite adventure? What are the top 5 pieces of advice you would give to someone else who has the desire to just travel for a year? How should they prepare? In one year, what have you best learned about being together 24-7? Still hoping to see you in Canada!

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