Yellowstone top 5

Despite all of the challenges we faced in Yellowstone, the country’s first national park is one of the most interesting places I’ve ever seen.

Geysers shoot water hundreds of feet into the air next to a pool made up of bacteria that creates colors so vibrant that a camera can’t do it justice. The Rocky Mountains tower over lakes so clear you can see the pebbles dozens of feet below. Bison sprint across paved highways backed by a hill of travertine steps.

There were surprises around ever corner.

Since not everyone is lucky enough to spend a month in Yellowstone, here are my top five, favorite things about one of the oddest places I’ve ever experienced:

1. Bison – These animals are massive, stoic and everywhere. We saw herds of them along the Lamar Valley but there is nothing like seeing them run across the road in front of your truck. We were lucky enough to see them up close several times during our trip and it never got old… (Well, James might disagree since I made him pull over every time we saw one closer than 100 yards.)




2. Mystic Falls – This hike behind Biscuit Basin was recommended by some employees we got to know during our trip. A steep climb kept traffic down on the trail and made for an unbeatable panoramic view and one of the better waterfalls we found in the park.



3. Morning Glory – The vibrant colors of the geothermal pools left me speechless more than once. Morning Glory, which is about 1.5 miles from Old Faithful, glowed with turquoise, orange, greens and reds. I watched the sunset over the pool with only one other person in sight.



4. Black Sand Basin – We visited most of the geyser basins in the park and Black Sand was our favorite. The Sunset Pool was spectacular, the tourists were minimal and the geysers were… small. There weren’t any massive explosions here but the small, constantly spitting geysers reminded me that we were on the world’s largest volcano and made for some hilarious, little eruptions.




5. Mammoth Hot Springs – The stark white travertine steps of Mammoth were the strangest thing I saw in Yellowstone. How did that get there? This was one of the last things we visited on our trip and even after a month, we were shocked by the unusual formations and colors at Mammoth.




Never have I seen so many strange and spectacular features in one place. Yellowstone is an absolute must and was definitely worth the challenges we endured.

Have you been to Yellowstone? What’s your favorite part of the park? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you.



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