Happy in HoiAn

Our travel year hasn't exactly gone as planned. Actually, very few of our plans have successfully played out. The Tin Can, scheduling, weather and family affairs caused several detours during the past 10 months. I don't regret anything and I've learned so much, but there are many things that I'd change if I could have a do-over. One... Continue Reading

Travel amnesia

Less than two weeks into our Thailand adventure, I'm starting to recuperate from my latest case of travel amnesia. Besides a mean dose of Montezuma's revenge that has knocked me down a few pegs this week, what's worse is the familiar realization that travel is uncomfortable. Stomach problems related to foreign food is nothing new -- though Thailand... Continue Reading

Thailand or bust

We have recently taken our first adventure to Asia and decided to come to Thailand. This was a last minute, spur of the moment decision and so far has not been a disappointment. After our 55-hour adventure getting to the island of Ko Samui we have been welcomed with mostly gloomy weather. However, that hasn’t... Continue Reading